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The TEAM 7 store at LIVING BERLIN (Kantstr. 17 in Berlin)

Custom-made natural wood furniture for all living areas.

TEAM 7 has been the pioneer of eco-furniture for 40 years. As early as the beginning of the 1980s, the Upper Austrian company decided to switch its production completely to wood from sustainable forestry and to consistently go the "green way". Today, TEAM 7 is regarded as a pioneer for the responsible treatment of nature and for honest, high-quality products. This commitment to nature and sustainability shapes everything we do.

TEAM 7 supplies everything from a single source, from the tree to the finished furniture. The entire production process of the custom-made natural wood furniture is covered in the Upper Austrian factories in Ried and Pram. From the natural drying and maturing of the wood, to the production of high-quality natural wood panels and state-of-the-art 3-layer panels, to the finishing in traditional craftsmanship. In this way, TEAM 7 can guarantee environmentally friendly and high-quality production. When developing furniture, the company always keeps people and nature in mind. That is why TEAM 7 attaches great importance to ecological and sustainable production, confirmed by the Austrian Eco-label, the EMAS seal and other certificates. The careful use of resources has been part of everyday production at TEAM 7 for decades.

This love of wood and the sustainable company philosophy can also be felt in the TEAM 7 flagship store in Berlin. Here, visitors have the opportunity to be inspired by natural wood furniture for all living areas, whether in the dining room, living room, home office, hallway, bedroom, nursery or kitchen.

When it comes to fulfilling your individual furnishing dreams, the team at the Berlin store relies on competent, personal advice. With a great deal of experience and intuition, holistic room concepts and unique furniture are created that can be perfectly tailored to your personal wishes and needs thanks to the order-based customisation at TEAM 7. In addition, TEAM 7 Berlin offers support throughout the entire implementation process, starting with the coordination of tradesmen through to reliable delivery and expert assembly.

Visit the TEAM 7 Store Berlin and experience living with all your senses and in harmony with nature up close.

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