Exclusive Bretz products at LIVING BERLIN (Kantstr. 17 near Kurfürstendamm in Berlin)

Bretz combines two essentially contrary but fundamental themes of life: on the one hand, the creations of the interior brand invite you to fantastic journeys full of adventure and freedom. On the other hand, they offer space for security and safety. This is how the True Characters define themselves - somehow not to be seen through, but they feel quite good.

This vision takes shape in a manufactory where Bretz cultivates a courageous pioneering spirit just as much as over a hundred years of German upholstery tradition. A passion for the extraordinary and sophisticated production techniques give rise to modular, multifunctional concepts.
modular, multifunctional concepts. Only when sofa, bed, armchair or accessory have been refined down to the last detail do they fulfil the complex requirement.

Free spirits and eternal enthusiasts know the longing for more, which also resonates everywhere at Bretz. Those who let themselves fall here find support as well as boundless inspiration. And perhaps one or two answers to the question: What are you really longing for?

The brand Bretz is available in our stores: Bretz

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