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Monday10:00 - 19:00  
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The ROLF BENZ HAUS store at LIVING BERLIN (Kantstr. 17 in Berlin)

Since the opening of the design centre in 1999, ROLF BENZ HAUS has been a permanent fixture, delighting its customers with passion, creativity and interior design know-how. The authentic and clear ROLF BENZ style of modern living is oriented towards the customer needs of today and anticipates the living trends of tomorrow. The loft architecture creates the perfect setting for the upholstered furniture, tables, chairs and carpets of the ROLF BENZ living worlds. The well-rehearsed experts around Alexandros Chomatopoulos realise individual rooms, flats and houses, but also entire properties and look forward to your visit.

The store overview page shows you which shops you can find at LIVING BERLIN. Enjoy browsing.

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ROLF BENZ HAUS +49 30 31515650 ROLF BENZ HAUS Kantstr. 17, 10623 Berlin 0-1,000,000
LIVING BERLIN +49 30 217 99 83 99
Kantstrasse 17 10623 Berlin DE