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Nicoleta Gallery Berlin at LIVING BERLIN

Nicoleta Albei-Wigger has lived in Berlin for over 25 years and works here as a freelance artist. Her acrylic paintings speak about the movements of life and people. Her art is to paint pictures that emerge from her emotional world and thus, as a step-by-step process, result in a coherent overall work of art. This results in color explosions of dark and radiant tones, which make up the charm of her artwork.

Educate, artist! Do not speak! (Goethe)

The ambience of private rooms or your own office is always a statement of personal taste. An expression of how you live your individual style and represent it aesthetically. The furniture, the light and the color of the walls reflect the overall picture. Everything is an ensemble. If you are now planning to give this ensemble an even more personal touch, individualized art is the perfect stylistic device to give your private or business premises THE exclusivity that is unique in the truest sense of the word!

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