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Kiran Kilim & Carpet Art at LIVING BERLIN

Kiran Kilim & Carpet Art - for 40 years, this name has stood for high-quality kilim and carpet collections curated with love and knowledge.

Kiran stands for hand-picked unique pieces of the highest quality and a wide range. The decisive factor in our selection is above all the charisma of the individual pieces. A "successful" kilim tells a story, it inevitably casts a spell over you. The colors, the way the wool was woven thread by thread, how the patterns and symbols were gradually created, how edges and borders were knitted and how the kilim was decorated with embroidery all play a role. You see a kilim and fall in love.

With his passion for kilims, Kiran has been able to inspire many for these "woven treasures" and has contributed to the fact that today kilims are not only known to collectors and interior designers, but that more and more people appreciate and love the variety of oriental woven carpets.

Kiran Kelim & Teppich Kunst has been a partner of Label STEP since 2003, which ensures compliance with social and ecological standards in carpet production worldwide. You can find out more here.

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