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The Bretz store at LIVING BERLIN (Kantstr. 17 in Berlin)

Stable in traditional upholstery craftsmanship, mental in the future: this is how Johann Bretz founded the company back in 1895. Since then, every piece of upholstered furniture that leaves the manufactory in Gensingen, Rheinhessen, is unique and handmade. The indispensable passion and a lot of courage ensured that the family business withstood the challenges of history in the long term.

With heart, sense and full commitment to the breakthrough. A real family business with a long tradition, for which the preservation of values such as cohesion, respect and trust is particularly important. Since the 90s, colourful, dazzling velour fabrics have been the trademark par excellence. The handpicked textiles come from Italy, Germany and Belgium.

When it comes to creativity, Bretz does not allow itself to be limited. The style of the furniture? Maximal, eclectic, imaginative. The experiment with dimensions and clichés, the stretching of boundaries can be interpreted as a latently rebellious but also playful philosophy. The furniture has one thing in common: they tell their respective stories, inspire the imagination and unite two fundamental, but essentially contrary themes of life. The longing for distant worlds contrasts with the desire for security. Where both find their space, everyday magic is created that inspires time and again.

At Bretz, the customer becomes the creator of his own lifestyle. With the help of expert living room advice, exactly the right upholstery character can be created from over 160 hand-picked cover fabrics and countless possible combinations of modules to perfectly suit the most individual wishes.
Friederike Rusche and Katja Morici are happy to provide professional advice with passion, heart and mind. You are very welcome.

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